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  • Case Law Colombia Constitutional Court

    Colombia Complex victimsNon-State Armed GroupsSexual violence/CRSV
  • Uganda CompensationGuarantees of Non-RecurrenceMeasures of SatisfactionRehabilitationRestitutionNon-State Armed GroupsReconciliationReintegrationTransitional JusticeChild SoldiersDisappearance/MissingLoss of propertyProperty damageSexual violence/CRSVTorture
  • Legislation Iraqi Parliament

    Iraq CompensationRehabilitationNon-State Armed GroupsSexual violence/CRSV

About the Project

Reparation has long been a legal and political tool of making amends for past wrongs in post-conflict and transitional societies. Most of the research and practice of reparations has focused on transitions from authoritarian societies and individual claiming redress against the state or remedies sought between states.

Over the next three years this project will explore how reparations are used in countries transitioning from conflict to address the consequences of the past.

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